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Double White Persian Jade Bracelet

Double White Persian Jade Bracelet

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We ONLY got ONE, so grab it before it's GONE!

White Jade is known for helping to filter your mind of distractions and keeping things in perspective.¬† It's said to help those who struggle with decision making.¬† AND it's rumoured that if you're looking to recharge your energy that you simply¬†stroke a piece of jade ... I guess you won't need that mid-afternoon coffee any more ūüėā !!!

This bracelet is made with two 7 inches of 4mm white Persian Jade gemstones attached with two silver double holed metal spacers. 

These bracelets are handcrafted from natural materials & lead-free metals.  We do our best to source out our supplies, but there are times we may have to substitute a piece due to supply chain challenges.

Well ... what I'm REALLY trying to say is that the bracelet may vary slightly from picture.  You know, STYLISH & UNIQUE!


How to Measure for Bracelet Size?

Go to our FAQs page for help with picking the size that works for YOU!! 

Any information posted on this website regarding the meanings or facts about gemstones used is merely for educational & informational purposes.  It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice or to be relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.  Stylish Stuff assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this website.

Care Instructions

For Stretch Bracelets

Roll the bracelet over your hand to avoid too much pulling or stretching.

For Other Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings & Charms

Try not to get the stylish stuff wet - take it off before showering, swimming, exercising, jumping in puddles, etc.

Avoid getting "stuff" on it like sunscreen, moisturizer, perfume, bug spray, wine, beer, etc ...

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