How to Measure for Bracelet Size?

Step 1:  Grab a flexible tape measure.

Hand Model:  Ms. Donna B.

Step 2:  Measure around your wrist where you will be wearing the bracelet with the flexible tape measure.

OK, I hear you ... you don't have a flexible tape measure kicking around the house!  So grab some string & use that to wrap around your wrist. Then we want you to lay the string down on a ruler or tape measure to get your wrist size.

Step 3:  Take that measurement and add it to the number listed beside your fit preference from the fit table below.

For example:

If your wrist measurement is 6.25 inches & you like a loose fitting bracelet, then look up the corresponding number from the "Inches" column in the row referring to the "Loose" fit; i.e. just add 0.75 inches to your wrist size measurement.

Bracelet Size = Wrist Measurement + Fit Measurement

                        = 6.25 in + 0.75 in

                        = 7.0 in

Step 4:  Then take that total combined measurement & refer to the size chart below.  Don't worry if your measurement is not exactly as it appears in the chart, just size up or down accordingly. 

For our example above, we ended up with a total combined measurement of 7.0 inches which would be a size SMALL as shown in the above table.


How to take care of your Beaded Stretch Bracelet?

  • Roll the bracelet over your hand to avoid too much pulling or stretching.
  • Try not to get the bracelet wet - take it off before showering, swimming, exercising, jumping in puddles, etc.
  • Avoid getting "stuff" on it like sunscreen, moisturizer, perfume, bug spray, wine, beer, etc ...


Why does my jewelry look different from the website picture?

  • We try to keep each item as close as possible to picture posted on the website. 
  • We primarily use products from natural sources which means that NOT every item will look alike.
  • Materials used will have slight differences and will be made by the hand.
  • So ... your Stylish Stuff will sure be unique!  


Where are you shipping from?

  • From beautiful British Columbia, Canada


How much does shipping cost?

  • Standard shipping costs within Canada is free
  • For expedited shipping or shipping outside Canada, costs will depend on your shipping address and weight, and will be calculated at checkout
  • For more information, refer to our shipping policies


How long does it take to get my Stylish Stuff?

  • Orders placed will be processed within 1 to 3 business days
  • We ship using Canada or US Post, so it can take up to 21 days to receive depending where you are located
  • For quicker delivery times, we can expedite your package for an extra cost calculated at check out


What are your customer service hours?

  • Monday through Friday  ☞  10am to 6pm PST
  • Saturday  ☞  10am to 3pm PST
  • Sunday  ☞  NONE 'cause it's recharge, reset & relax day! 


While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy, happy, happy!  

If you have any questions about our business, our products, or shipping, please send us an email to info@stylishstuff.ca