About Us

It's me, Ms. Donna B from the Stylish Stuff team!  

Finance guru turned Stylish Stuff Maker and Chief Everything Officer!

Born and raised in Brantford home of Wayne Gretzky for you hockey buffs, lived in a few other cities and towns in and around Ontario, and just recently moved out west to enjoy the mountain scene and milder winters!!!

Keeping busy with raising 3 boys, driving from sporting event to sporting event, working full-time and finishing off my masters in business was a way for me to ignore what was really going on inside of me.  During most of my adult life, I struggled with anxiety, depression and lack of confidence.  I have tried meditation, yoga, therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, sleep clinics, herbs, medication, etc... And why?  To seek out that feeling they call "happiness", inspiration; you know, that twinkle in the eye thing?!?!  Just something, anything to make it all BETTER!  But the problem was what did "BETTER" mean or even look like?  All I knew was that I needed to make a change ... do something 'cause I was feeling crazily tired, agitated, irritable (just ask my family), and emotionally unstable!!!

And that's how we got here (with a few extra steps in between) Stylish Stuff was born!

We sell handcrafted fashion accessories inspired to promote strength, resilience, & perseverance!  We want you to be comfortable in claiming your place much like the lotus flower (hence, the logo).  Oh YES!!! What appears to be delicate, the lotus flower has to survive against all elements until it finally blooms!  And when it does, look out ... it's damn GORGEOUS!!!  Sooooo .... no matter what you're looking for, we want you to feel stylish about it!

THANKS for visiting US!

P.S.  Have a creative idea, TELL US!  You are what drives us to create our Stylish Stuff!